Why BizEBee? Find out why we rise above the rest...

Our approach

BizEBee Virtual Assistants provides business services to Real Estate Professionals. BizEBee specializes in administration, marketing, and sales. Our assistants perform work as an extension of your business. At BizEBee our goal is to help your business succeed. We have extensive experience in multiple areas of Real Estate, from traditional to wholesale and everything in between.

Experience the difference with BizEBee Virtual Assistants. Our ability to perform administrative tasks and business consulting allows BizEBee the ability to adapt as your business grows or needs change. The business coaches at BizEBee help motivate and move your business forward. Each of our assistants is experienced and professionally trained ensuring that only the best perform work on your account. Lastly, BizEBee Virtual Assistants was founded and is based in the United States.

Take Back Your Business

Our programs will allow you to:

  • Work fewer hours — and make more money
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days, weeks, or even months at a time
Stop The Hiring Hassle

With BizEBee Virtual Assistants, we build your team based on your needs. Gone are the days of posting ads, reading a mountain of reviews, or conducting countless interviews. At BizEBee our assistants are: professional, experienced, certified, educated, and specialized in their service area. As a client with BizEBee you will receive a project manager and access to a team of specialized virtual assistants.

You also do not have pay for down time. Our VAs bill for productive work.

Get Superior Service

With BizEBee Virtual Assistants you can expect the best. Our United States based VAs are experts in their fields. You will have a team of experts backing your business.

Our Team Members are experts in a magnitude of various areas allowing them to explore cutting edge strategies and innovative thinking. They use these skills to make your business to the next level.

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